Tape Extensions Tutorial

Tape-in extensions are wefts of hair with an adhesive strip at the roots. They can be applied quickly and removed just as easily. Pre-taped hair extensions are typically sandwiched between the natural hair and results are seamless. They are extremely easy to maintain and style. These extensions are particularly good with blonde color hair because wefts are easier to blend with.

The bonds lay completely flat against the head and are completely comfortable.  Tape extensions aredesigned for short term wear. Easily apply and take off extensions without needing a salon appointment. 

Part Your Hair

Create a horizontal part to place the skin weft at your preferred location.

Remove the Protective Film

Prior to removing the protective film, ensure a clean hair part to easily apply the tape weft.


Apply Skin Weft

Attach your ideal amount of tape skin weft as close as you can to your scalp and press firmly but not on your actual scalp.


Lift the Applied Area to Reveal Underside

Skin wefts extensions are installed by layering the natural hair with tape extensions above and on the underside.


Attach Another layer of Skin Weft on the Underside

With the natural hair exposed and cleanly parted on the other side of the hair, apply the tape skin weft extension to the underside so that the tape adhesives are pressed against each other. This will help create a better seal.


Ensure a Comfortable Fit and Hold

Insert your natural hair between the two skin weft sections that you created and press firmly. Make sure the adhesives are holding until the hair strongly and would not easily fall out of place.


Repeat Steps Until Desired Look Is Achieved