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Onyx™ provides exceptional 100% human hair product while having affordability in mind. With over 10 different hairstyles, Onyx™ gives women the ability to match or experiment with any unique look. Onyx™ also offers over 30 different colors and shades as well as ombré color treatments so women can be as creative as possible with their styles.

Onyx™ also provides a premium line that features human hair made with the Remi™ process, Onyx Remi™. Remi Hair® allows for shedding and tangling is minimally reduced due to the way it is constructed by aligning hair cuticles in a unidirectional way so each hair flows naturally along the next. Whether you want the classic Remi Yaki look, or want to try something daring and dynamic like the Italian Curly, Onyx™ is the number one option in extending your own beauty.